DiDs DiDs, DiDs Music, Topline songwriter, Di Di Somma, http://thisisDiDs.com Wed, 17 Jul 2019 12:35:32 +0000 dbdisomma@gmail.com <![CDATA[Loads of changes]]> Hi Guys 

Well, it's been a while since I have been on here.

I've been doing loads of writing and co-writing with some great writers, lots of new and exciting things ahead, including collaborating on an R&B Album with a friend of mine. I've also got the opportunity to release an urban gospel song and getting some interest from artists on my songs. So 2018 it looks like 2018 is going to be a busy one.

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<![CDATA[News Update]]>  Hi Guys

The new  songs are well on the way, and well be completed soon, i have working with some awesome songwriters and i currently working on 5 new co writes as well as  my own stuff. 

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<![CDATA[News Update]]> HI  Guys

So quite a lot has happened over the last month, i was offered two publishing deals, and a radio play placement on Belter Radio.

I've also made some new music connections; McStainz from Tongo West Africa we collaborated on "Take You" which is a duet and is now available on iTunes 

https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/take-you-single/id1234457492 . We're also in the early stages on working on a R n B song: Stupid Games.

 Im also currently working with the guys from Newtown Studios in Ireland on Too Many Tears  as well as  working with  a young lady from LA on a song called Trust so watch watch this space to see what happens next.

Till next time

have a great day.


Guys will the publishing deals are all signed  , in communication with AMG  have two more of my songs shortlisted just waiting to hear the final decision by the music supervisor.

Like a Hurricane is now finished and the talented Michelle McGee sang it for us

Trust andToo Many Tears are near completion as well

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<![CDATA[Whats been happening]]>   Hand some more great news , i had some interest from New heart Records in Nashville with my songs, i currently recording some more country songs. One of which will redone very soon called Like a Hurricane.

 I have also been interest from AMG Corp, just waiting to hear back from them as well as being offered two more single song contracts, from leopard Music Publishing its all happening here.

As well  working on Trust,Stupid Games Tripping on lies busy, busy,busy.

till next time

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<![CDATA[Why I sing my songs]]> Hi Guys i just wanted to clear something up;
I am a topline singer/ song writer and for those of you who don't know what that is! Its when a song writer not only writes the lyrics but the melody as well. Therefore i need to sing them so other artists may be interested in singing my songs. Its also so Publishing houses/Licensing companies/ A& R and Music Supervisors hear my songs my end goal is for other artist to sing my songs, who know's maybe one day you will hear one of my songs on the radio, sung by someone famous or hear it in a film or on tv or even on an ad.

I don't want to be a pop star just love music and writing songs, if any body is interested in me writing song for them or collaborating with me let me know

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<![CDATA[New Song- Done Crying]]>  My latest song Done Crying is now complete , I'm happy with the end result, so hopefully so one will like and use it in a film /Tv/sync or song by another artist.. oNly time will tell.

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<![CDATA[Songwriter contract]]>  Hi Guys so Paramount songs are interested in  one of my songs, which is a country song ( paramount song being based in Nashville  its not a surprise that went the the country one) they have offered me a song writer contact which amazing to pleased.

I have now signed two more publishing deals , two with Leopard  Music Publishing and one with BoahPublishing.

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<![CDATA[Working with Larry Magee again]]> So I'm working with Larry Magee again he is an amazing musician and producer, i worked with him on Devil in Disguise  for a US  Tv Program we are now working on a song called Your're all kinds of wrong for a Film Placement. Its going very well so will be finished within the next week. I think.

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<![CDATA[New Songs]]>  Hi Guys 

So I've been pretty busy, I'm currently working with some awesome musicians , and producers to get some of my songs recorded and of course writing new ones.

I recently completed my song Smile, which i have been working with an amazing producer Alix Robson from Charthouse Music in Portsmouth.

I am also working on my second collaboration with the talented Larry Magee. We wrote Devil in Disguise to gather for a placement on a US Hit TV Programme 

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